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Our biomaterials solve problems that have long challenged medicine

Our arsenal of purpose-built biomaterials provides local therapy for important medical conditions across therapeutic areas. Although our products differ in application and material, all require a thoughtful design of chemistries, consideration of the biological environment, and precise engineering of enabling delivery devices.

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A potentially life-saving intervention that provides a bridge to surgery for traumatic intra-abdominal hemorrhage

Designated as a breakthrough device by the FDA, ResQFoam is a rapidly expanding, hydrophobic foam designed to expand throughout the abdomen and control hemorrhage.

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A distal-penetrating embolic that occludes blood flow to brain tumors

Injected through a microcatheter, NeoCast is a shear-thinning biomaterial that is designed to flow deeply to the microvasculature, providing a robust occlusion in interventions including pre-surgical embolization of brain tumors and other neurovascular conditions.