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Thoughtfully designed biomaterials for underserved medical conditions

While our products differ in application and material, all require our team of cross-functional experts to incorporate a thoughtful design of chemistries, consideration of the biological environment, and precise engineering of enabling delivery devices. We leverage this expertise to address important medical problems in trauma, neuro and peripheral vascular, women’s health, and beyond.

ResQFoam™, our foundational product, is designed to temporarily stabilize patients suffering from life-threatening intra-abdominal hemorrhage due to traumatic injury. NeoCast™, an injectable, shear-thinning biomaterial, is designed to completely occlude small blood vessels in the brain for applications such as tumors or subdural hemorrhage.

Product Pipeline

Therapeutic Area Initial Application Program Stage Partner
Trauma Intra-abdominal Hemorrhage ResQFoam Clinical
Neurovascular Hypervascular Brain Tumors NeoCast Clinical
Peripheral Vascular Peripheral Embolization AMI-003 Preclinical
Women’s Health Postpartum Hemorrhage AMI-004 Assessment

Scientific Publications

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