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AxioCore™ Fiber Technology

Arsenal Medical’s AxioCore™ core-sheath nanofiber and microfiber technologies are constructed from known biomaterials and can be used for cell integration and tissue regeneration and enabling controlled delivery of a broad range of biologics and therapeutics. Process advancements in slit-surface electrospinning enable high-throughput manufacturing of core-sheath fibers and innovative biomaterials.

The power of AxioCore™ lies in the platform's unique combination of attributes contributing to its potential therapeutic impact

  • Versatile form factor for customized product design suited to each target implant location (e.g. joints, gut)
  • Flexible core-sheath structure for exceptional control of biologic and small-molecule drug delivery, and single- or multi-agent therapy

  • Porous microarchitecture for precise control of cellular in-growth ideal for tissue regeneration and repair

  • Arsenal's innovative electrospinning process enhances the feasibility of core-sheath fiber manufacturing, from a broad array of biomaterials. Our proprietary high-throughput fabrication method generates fibers 400 times faster than traditional electrospinning.

Data on Arsenal's novel electrospinning process was presented at the 2012 Fall Fiber Society Meeting.



Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of AxioCore fibers

SEM of cross-sectioned AxioCore fiber (orange is false colored drug core)

Implantable microfiber rod in 18 gauge catheter

High-throughput, slit-surface, electrospinning of core-sheath fibers